Vision And Mission

Through barter, enable forest and indigenous THRIVABILITY via social, biodiversity and environmental (e.g. carbon) footprint monitoring. Enable forest rich countries to barter credits against high value commodities (e.g. utilities, medical suppliers and services) while improving the environment and social impact.

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Forests and Indigenous’ Thrivability

Environmental Challenges/Opportunities

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) established REDD+ to Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation, enhance conservation and improve the sustainable management of forests and forest carbon stocks in developing countries.
REDD+ was reference formally as part of COP21 goals
Deforestation impacts the livelihood and health of affected tribes “THE GUARDIAN” (Nov 2015) dramatic prophecy becoming true “THE INDEPENDENT” (March 2018). Time to connect communities, trees, one at a time, 3 billions trees and millions of community peoples to go.
Current tree software Application is no longer suitable for determining the actual deforestation:
Insufficient data collected to enable accurate monitoring of forest asset (e.g. 0.1% of annual data collected vs International Lenders expectation of 90%). Increase in cost for client to send students, NGO, consultants to record accurate information

Creating Shared Value

Five Benefits for Community members contributing to the PRIVATE blockchain:

Five Benefits for Community members contributing to the blockchain:

  • Preserve the environment that they live in with their children in the land of their ancestor legacy

  • Families will be able to access educational grants, utilities barter carbon credit trading

  • Villages, Tribes, Provinces will be able to develop community assets (Health, Education and Sport Facilities) due to the bartering of carbon credit trading

  • Enable the “bartering” of carbon credit trade for manufactured goods with trading countries at a federal state level , this will result in the reduction of price inflation on cost for goods coming from buying country

  • Increase the traceability for country’s carbon credit recipients to track goods (e.g. bought 20 credit from a tribe who gets an agreed number of medical supply which gets delivered via a “transparent oversight/support” from government. From tribe’s tree to medical supply delivered to the tribe)

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