Pierre Elias

Pierre is a senior business and IT executive with over 20 Years experience in Energy, Utilities, and Manufacturing companies.

Stella Maima

Stella is one of Papua New Guinea most respected GIS/Mapping expert. She has also strong entreprenarial vision.

Francis Uy

Francis is an Enterprise Architect, Program & Portfolio Manager, and Digital Transformation leader.

Christophe Loubriat

Christophe is a versatile Document Management, Organization Transformation, and ISO expert with international track record (Madagascar, France, New Caledonia).


(Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Indonesia)

(IT Architecture & Security. ASEAN/Philippines)


Paperless Pacifique with Mad@GED

Paperless Pacifique


Functional Advisors

Christian Vinson
(Oil & Gas, Philanthropy, Government)

(Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Myanmar, Malaysia, European Union)


Government: Support from Papua New Guinean Members of Parliaments/Governors, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, New Caledonia, French Senat/OPECST/Parliament, European Union, United Nations