Pierre Elias

Pierre is a senior business and IT executive with over 20 Years experience in Energy, Utilities, and Manufacturing companies.

Francis Uy

Francis is an Enterprise Architect, Program & Portfolio Manager, and Digital Transformation leader.

Vincent Perrin

Vincent is an experienced Business Leader in Artificial Intelligence, Organization Transformation, and Executive Coaching.

Source Pacifique

Stella Maima

Stella is a GIS Analyst with broad and recognised expertise in Papua New Guinea and work experience oversea.


(High Altitude Drones 20km Altitude, 500km Signal Range, Papua New Guinea)


(Blockchain. Australia)

(Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Indonesia)

(IT Architecture & Security. ASEAN/Philippines)


(Education. Australia/Papua New Guinea)

(Electronic Document Management. New Caledonia/France)

Functional Advisors

Christian Vinson
(Oil & Gas, Philanthropy, Government)

(Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Myanmar, Malaysia, European Union)

Drew Kearney
(Communication, Testing)

(Australia, UK)


Government: Support from Papua New Guinean Members of Parliaments/Governors, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, New Caledonia, French Senat/OPECST/Parliament, European Union, United Nations